Father stabs and kills nine-month-old baby

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A man stabbed a nine-month-old baby girl after a fight broke out between him and the mother of the child.

The incident that left the community in shock occurred in Ext 6 on 1 January.

According to Lt Fanie Nhlabathi, communications officer of the Standerton Police, the man punched the mother, who was cooking at the time, in the face.

Their baby, who the woman was carrying on her back, fell on the floor after the man punched her.

“While the woman picked up the baby from the floor, the man reached for a knife with the aim of stabbing her,” Lt Nhlabathi said.

According to him, the man mistakenly stabbed his daughter on the head.

Lt Nhlabathi claimed that after stabbing the baby the man stabbed the mother as well.

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Senamile Phungula

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