Lekwa and Eskom relationship is over

Wayne van der Walt - editor.

It’s over…

Eskom has announced their position and their decision to cease supplying bulk electricity to a non-compliant Lekwa Municipality.

Residents are rightfully infuriated by this decision especially because among the non-payers you have loyal consumers who have to bear the brunt of this imminent outcome.

If Eskom and Lekwa had any relationship prior to this judgement surely now their Facebook relationship statuses would read ‘It’s complicated’.

It all began long ago when Lekwa cheated on Eskom, Eskom then confronted Lekwa about the affair, gave them a stern warning to immediately change their ways and eventually and agonisingly decided to forgive Lekwa.

The reason Eskom made the decision to forgive Lekwa might have been for the children’s sake as they would have been severely affected by the separation.

However Lekwa opted to continue the affair and Eskom decided to move out on 23 January.

Unavoidably the children were immensely affected and distraught.

An independent godparent felt sorry for the children who were adversely implicated and wanted to stay with Eskom.

He even went as far as taking the matter to court, but on a technicality, custody was granted to Lekwa, leaving the children in a dark and horrid place…

Even though this is a metaphorical piece, the situation in which we find ourselves is no laughing matter.

It is however, to some not surprising how we find ourselves in the same position as before.

The repercussions of this decision that was taken affect not only residents, but to a larger extent Standerton businesses.

Everyone agrees that something needs to be done, but the question that lingers, is what can be done?

If history has taught us anything it is that time will reveal where the next stop of our journey will be, regardless of the route we have to travel.

Wayne van der Walt

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