LETTER: When good governance and ethics fail

In its mission statement, the municipality vouches to excel in good governance and economic growth.

In practice however, they always act contrary to it.

I was shocked to see in a national newspaper last year anther form of corruption and nepotism.

It appears that the advertised managerial positions and several other recently advertised posts have been tailor-made to suit the specific and targeted individuals.

For example, for the position of internal audit officer the requirement is a B. Com degree, but for the position of manager in the office of the municipal manager the requirement is a relevant tertiary qualification.

All previous requirements were specific and called for those who have a three year degree or diploma with post graduate qualifications as an added advantage, which is standard practice in all municipalities.

Do qualifications still matter in Lekwa?

Tailor-made advertisements simply prove that the targeted person does not have a degree or diploma which is an abuse of power and corruption and nepotism at its best.

In less than two years since taking the reins, there has been three managers in the office of the executive mayor with no regard to the cost implications to taxpayers.

This money should have been used to fix streetlights, the millions of potholes on our roads and the myriad of water and electricity challenges.

The dire situation that Lekwa finds itself in, calls for ethical leadership to steer this sinking ship.

Why does Lekwa not learn from municipalities such as Steve Tshwete with contractual positions in political office office linked to the term of that particular office bearer?

This is good governance ensuring that the system is not bloated with managers it can not absorb.

Why appoint a manager in the office of the municipal manager when his contract expires in June?

This decision is not only unjustifiable, but unethical and devoid of common sense especially now that the municipality is in the red and can not pay its creditors.

Both the mayor and the municipal manager do not have the interests of the municipality at heart and are failing dismally to exercise their fiduciary duties.

Under their care things have fallen apart, running around with bodyguards and looting through Makgaji and Afrirent.

No wonder they can not pay Eskom.

I doubt if councillors know their role of keeping the executive powers in check and ensuring the municipal manager is held accountable.

The whole system is rotten to the core and all hope is gone.

Instead of spending millions on bodyguards, look within yourselves and seek help.

ZM Maphanga, Standerton.

The communications manager at the Lekwa Municipality was on leave, so comment could not be obtained at the time of going to press.

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