What happened to our town?

After yet another morning of driving through the obstacle course that is our town and driving through numerous potholes that can’t be seen due to the shadows of the trees, and another trip to the garage, I am absolutely fed up with living in Standerton.

I used to love living here, but at present the only thing that seems to be working in my part of town is the refuse removal, although I can’t speak for other areas of the town.

I think that Standerton must be one of the worst run towns in South Africa, I have already seen in one of the national papers that it is the worst in Mpumalanga.

The town council should give themselves a pat on the back, it takes some doing to completely ruin a town in a few years.

It’s just a pity that the majority of voters are too young to remember the town we used to have.

We had three swimming pools, a small game park, decent roads, now we have potholes and mini paddling pools, grass verges and trees that were trimmed regularly, a caravan park, traffic lights that worked, a river park that was a pleasure to visit at the weekend, the same with the Grootdraai Dam and safe water that you could drink.

Once you have been sick through unclean water, no matter how safe they say it is, you never drink it again if you can afford not to.

And we used to get our meters read not guesstimated and our accounts used to be correct.

Now the only thing that is a constant threat is the electricity being cut off.

The only thing the municipality seems to be interested in is buying fancy cars and paying their own salaries and if there is any money left, they may just spend it on maintenance.

I see our traffic lights have been fixed after months and can’t help wondering if someone is coming for a meeting in Standerton.

Really fed-up resident, Standerton.

The Standerton Advertiser forwarded the letter to Ms Thobeka Mtshiselwa, communications manager of the Lekwa Municipality, for comment on 2 February and will publish the response.

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