Boers and British face off at Boer and Brit Day

Ms Erica Venske, Mr Kevin Payne and Ms Margie Peden show off their outfits at the “Boer and Brit Dag”.

The “Boer and Brit Dag” at Val on 4 March was a resounding success.

According to Ms Rita Britz, co-owner of the Val Hotel, the gods smiled kindly on the day.

“The weather was amazing,” Ms Britz said.

An estimated 500 visitors turned up for the event and took part in the different activities.

They were dressed up in attire either depicting a Boer or Brit.

The British ready to hit the road.

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The Mountain Bike Event as well as the re-enactment of the Whisky Train event made the day special.

“The hotel as well as the two guesthouses were fully booked for the eighth time history was brought to our doorstep.”

A French soldier who fought on the side of the Boers as well as a British woman were awarded the best dressed accolade.

The event will take place again next year when the cosmos bloom.



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