Thank you for your generosity

I, Frank Hlatshwayo would like to thank Messrs Mark Vienings, Sibusiso Masondo and Magogogo Passenger Services Manager for their assistance when my vehicle had a flat tyre.

I was taking my granddaughter to school when I encountered the problem.

Mr Vienings helped me and took my granddaughter to school.

He came back and removed the flat tyre from the vehicle and also offered me a cup of coffee in the process.

Mr Masondo provided me with a cell phone to notify my granddaughter’s school that she would be late.

Magogogo Passenger Services Manager sent two men to help me who took the flat tyre to be patched and put it back on the vehicle.

I would like to thank these people for their generosity.

Frank Hlatshwayo, Standerton.

Senamile Phungula

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