Family scrutinise hospital over poor service rendered

The late Ms Anna Tshabalala who died in the Standerton Hospital on 31 March.

A local family has spoken out about the alleged poor service their ill mother received at the Standerton Hospital which led to her death on 31 March.

The 68-year-old Ms Anna Tshabalala was admitted to the hospital on 25 March after she had been vomiting.

Her children claimed that they called the ambulance, to no avail and ended up transporting her with a private vehicle.

According to them, their mother could not walk upon their arrival at the hospital and did not receive assistance getting her out of the car and into the facility.

They said they had to take her to the ward themselves after admission.

The family said things took a turn for the worse because their mother’s condition deteriorated.

“She could not speak, but used her left hand to communicate with us when we went to visit her the following day,” Ms Sibongile Tshabalala, daughter, said.

She also said her mother was laying in bed without a pillow and they were allegedly told to bring their own when they asked for it.

Ms Tshabalala’s family members bathed her later the same day.

They said they went to see her on 27 March and she was in a bad condition and had difficulty breathing. However, she was clean and a drip had been inserted.

“We went to look for the CEO’s office to lodge a complaint and were sent from pillar to post,” Mr Nkosinathi Tshabalala, son, said.

Mr Tshabalala said a health care professional told them that there is a shortage of doctors at the hospital.

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Senamile Phungula

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