DA leader hears community’s pleas

A dry tap in a house in Ext 8.

A large number of people have moved into their newly built houses in Ext 8, but are without water, electricity and a sewer system.

Messrs James Masango, DA provincial leader and Johannes van der Wath, DA councillor, visited the area on 6 April, and residents expressed their dissatisfaction with the circumstances.

According to the residents, the Lekwa Municipality told them that they will have water and electricity by the end of January.

They said they rely on the water trucks to provide them with water, but the trucks do not supply water daily.

“They said they can not bring water daily because they have to supply residents in areas such as Ext 6 and 7 as well,” Ms Nobelungu Mashinini, a resident, said.

A dry tap in a house in Ext 8.

Mr James Masango checks if there is water in one of the houses in Ext 8.

Mr Mandla Lukhele and Ms Deliwe Dhlamini speak to Messrs Johannes van der Wath and James Masango on 6 April.

A total of 500 houses currently being built in Ext 8.

Ext 8 residents use primus stoves to cook and boil water because they do not have electricity.

Most of these residents use primus stoves to cook and boil water.

The paraffin stench welcomes you when walking into most of the houses.

“I am worried that if they do not get electricity by May, they will begin using imbawula (a makeshift coal stove made out of a large tin with holes in the side, designed to burn for a long time) in winter,” Mr Masango said.

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Senamile Phungula

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