Department of Health confirms complaints about Standerton Hospital were received (Follow-up)

A nurse allegedly sleeping while on duty at the Standerton Hospital. Photo supplied

The Department of Health has confirmed that they have received complaints about the poor service at the Standerton Hospital and said they are working on the issue.

A family has spoken out about the poor service they received at the Standerton Hospital after a relative left the facility on 7 April without a diagnosis or medication.

The family transported one of their relatives to the hospital after she had difficulty breathing on 6 April, just after 9pm.

According to them, they called the ambulance and were told that there was only one ambulance, which was not available.

As a result, they transported their family member to the hospital in a private vehicle.

One of the family members claimed that upon arrival she did not receive assistance to get her sister out of the vehicle. “A nurse refused to help me and said she will not leave dying patients to get a person out of the car,” a relative alleged. According to her, a man, who is not known to her, helped her.

She then pushed her sister in a wheelchair to the casualty area, where they were told to get a file from administration.

“I went to fetch it, but did not find anyone at the administration area.”

According to her, she waited in vain and decided to go back to the nurse.

Apparently the nurse told her to shout out loud for the administrator and he will come out and help her.

“I went and shouted, but nobody came to help me,” she said.

She also said she went back to the nurse who called the administrator on his cell phone. According to the family member, the administrator eventually came out to help her and looked as if he had been sleeping.

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