BREAKING NEWS: Sakhile residents fired up

Tyres were burnt last night during a protest over a power outage that affected most residents.

Last night’s power outages were the last straw for already rowdy residents of Sakhile so they took to the streets and threatened to cause havoc until every light in the township was turned back on.

They demanded answers from Lekwa Municipality, but was allegedly met with rubber bullets shot by the police.

It is alleged that protesters got out of control and were throwing stones at passing vehicles.

They rallied at the Shell Garage in Sakhile.

According to the Standerton Advertiser journalist on the scene, Mr Dumisani Zwane, picketers torched anything and everything in their way.

Apparently reinforcements were called in to help control the crowd and police managed to push the crowd back.

Standerton Advertiser will keep the readers updated.

Dumisani Zwane

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