Lekwa Municipality issues urgent media statement

The Lekwa Municipality issued a press release this morning regarding the electricity interruptions.

The municipality said high electricity usage is experienced during peak hours from 6am to 8am and 4pm to 8pm.

Since the winter season has begun, the demand has escalated to reach the utmost maximum which has threatened the continuous supply of electricity.

There is therefore a possibility of electricity tripping in Standerton and surrounding areas.

They requested the community to implement the following measures to avoid the unplanned interruptions:

• Switch off geysers during peak hours

• Minimise usage of heaters as much as possible

• Don’t use electronic stoves for heating the house/home

• Switch off non-essential appliances

• Switch off lights in unused/unoccupied rooms

According to them, there may be a need to reduce demand very quickly to an acceptable level by switching off high users or there will be a risk to the electricity network being unstable (load shedding).

The municipality will begin with the process of running a project on completely disconnecting people that have bridged electricity and those not paying for electricity.

If consumers can safely reduce their electricity consumption during periods of high demand, it can ease the supply/demand balance and mitigate the need for switching off high user zones or areas.

The municipality will try by all means to avoid the electricity outage.

They urged the community to save electricity.

Marina Schoombee

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