Top 10 things that residents find unique about Standerton

This is our home.

The Standerton Advertiser took to Facebook to ask residents what characteristics make Standerton unique.

Municipal matters played its usual role as some residents tend to believe that Standerton is the only town in South Africa that experience service delivery issues, which was luckily not surprising as we were expecting some of these responses to surface.

But, what was intriguing and these folks need to be applauded, is the way some phrased these obvious flaws, which at times had me laughing so hard that I thought I would crack a rib.

For obvious reasons we will avoid making this about service delivery issues.

So here is the much anticipated top 10 things residents find unique about Standerton in no particular order:

1. The flickering of green lights on robots before they turn orange

Several residents have mentioned that our robots have something unique about them, before changing to orange, they give you a little ‘Hey, I’m about to warn you that I’m turning into the colour that is actually supposed to warn you about another colour coming up shortly”-heads up.

2. Kasselman Security Services

The word Kasselman carries a lot of weight in town, the best way to describe it is by using the most used catch-phrase, used by frustrated mothers everywhere: “Wag dat jou pa by die huis kom!”

3. The people of Standerton

It’s always good to know that people find what makes us unique is our close-knit relationships, always lending a helping hand and uniting behind  a mutual cause.

4. Standerton’s temperature-drop during winters

No one will tell you that we have mild winters over here. During the winter even the ‘boere’ are wearing two pairs of ‘pt-broeke’ because: “Dis taamlik koel vandag, Dirk?”

5. Potholes

Yeah, we unfortunately had no choice as to include potholes as it was probably the most mentioned in all posts, be safe out there!

6. Standerton sunsets

It is seldom that a grown man truly shows his softer side, but with Standerton’s sunsets, this is not a probability it’s a reality, don’t be caught off guard, you have been warned!

Here are a few examples of our beautiful sunsets:

Photo: Charmaine Moller

Photo: Wayne van der Walt

Photo: Alida Lake

Photo: Wayne van der Walt

Photo: Wayne van der Walt

All of you men crying, wipe your tears, take off your skirt and let’s end this tea party – mooooving on!

7. Grootdraai Dam

Yes, It is ours! Even though we don’t necessarily have the papers to prove it! We love our fishing in Standerton even though Grootdraai is known for its overpopulated small yellows that make it to your hook before anything else gets the chance, but don’t be misled we have some pretty big catfish too.


8. Gossip

We Standertonians love us a good ‘skinderstorie’, you might often find that oooooo hoo sound of a hyena when you walk into a place followed by a few laughs, this is a tell tale sign of ongoing gossip. We defend it this way: “It’s a small town, everyone knows everyone’s business.”


9. Cattle roaming in town

You might find this in other places too, but once again the people of Standerton have spoken and we are obliged to serve


Instead of giving you another gif, meme or picture, here are some of your comments, apologies in advance if we did not use yours, you can gossip about it to your friends later:

Wayne van der Walt

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