BREAKING NEWS: Community of Sakhile declares war after boy is shot and killed

UPDATE: 1:35PM, 20 May

These posters have been put up at several places throughout Sakhile.

According to information received, the protest will continue on Monday morning.



According to Mr Jannie Kasselman of Kasselman Security Services, 10 protesters have been arrested for public violence.

Standerton Advertiser journalist, Dumisani Zwane is currently at the hospital.

According to him, nine protesters have been admitted to Standerton hospital for injuries.

Three of these protesters are also being treated for gunshot wounds (live ammunition).



UPDATE: 5.20pm

According to Sgt George Dhlamini, live ammunition was allegedly used in the death of a young boy whose age cannot yet be confirmed.

“We don’t know how it happened.”

“However the police I’ve seen are using rubber bullets.”

UPDATED: 19 May – 2pm

CONFIRMED: Child dies after being shot by rubber bullet (Read the article HERE)

UPDATE: 19 May – 1.31pm

Rumour of child being hit by rubber bullet makes the round (Read the article HERE)

UPDATE: 19 May – 11.24am

According to our journalists, Mr Zwane, he spoke to a member of Sanco who said that they have no involvement in the current protest.

As soon as police disperse the crowd, Sanco will continue with their own rally.

“Police are still on the scene, but the situation seems to be simmering down a bit,” Mr Zwane said.

UPDATE: 19 May – 10.51am

(Police trying to escort learners from a school nearby the R23 Road to safety)


According to information received from our other journalist, Ms Alida Lake, Laerskool Jeugkrag (in Standerton) has allegedly also advised learners to rather go home to be with their parents.

UPDATE: 19 May – 10.37am

If you are on the scene send us pictures of the protest to [email protected]

Santa road also barricaded. Photo supplied: Kasselman Security Services.

UPDATE 19 May – 10.16am

(Police running low on rubber bullets)


A stand-off between protesters and police at Simendeni near Thokoza.

UPDATE: 19 May – 10.06am (Most roads closed)

UPDATE: 19 May – 9.53am (Foreigners’ shops looted)

19 May – 9.30am

Angry protesters are currently causing havoc in Sakhile with three schools already evacuated.

Mr Dumisani Zwane, Standerton Advertiser journalist, is currently reporting from the scene.

According to him, this is not the planned Sanco march that was also scheduled for today, these protesters are rallying over the ongoing service delivery issues in the community with frequent electricity interruption at the top of the list.

Listen here: 

(Schools evacuated)


(Chaos erupts at school)


(Police reinforcements arrive)


Protesters close of the road.

Another protest was planned for today – Sanco March at 9am

According to a statement released by Sanco, rioters would have marched to the Standerton Police Station to demand the Hawks to arrest the municipal manager, Mr Linda Tshabalala, regarding R21-mil that has apparently gone missing.

They were also going to march to the Lekwa Municipality to get answers on demands listed in a memorandum that was handed over to the municipality on 20 April.

The Standerton Advertiser will keep readers updated.

Wayne van der Walt

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