Rumour of child being hit by rubber bullet makes the round

Police fire-off rubber bullets at angry protesters.

Mr Jacob Buthelezi, Sanco General Secretary, told the Standerton Advertiser that a rumour is making the round that a child, travelling on the back of a bakkie along with protesters, was hit by a rubber bullet.

According to him, there was an altercation between police and rioters and when police opened fire, several protesters, including the child, were hit.

Protesters protect themselves with corrugated iron plates, during a protest on 19 May.

It is alleged that they were taken to the hospital, but the Standerton Advertiser could however not confirm this.

Capt Fanie Nhlabathi, communications officer of the Standerton Police, as well as Sgt George Dhlamini, communications officer of the Sakhile Police, could not confirm the incident.

If you have any information about this, contact our journalist Mr Dumisani Zwane at 079 229 4308.


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