Mayor and money matters

Mr Linda Dlamini (mayor) and his wife, Moipane, with a clan praiser (Masizakhe Cultural Group: Thuthukani) on the red carpet.

Mr Linda Dlamini, mayor of the Lekwa Municipality, recently delivered the municipal budget speech at the Standerton Town Hall.
Mr Dlamini gave the municipal overview, indicating the Lekwa population’s increase of 1.5% from 115 662 in 2011 to 123 419 in 2016.

“We will redouble our efforts to resolve a negative public perception and image of the municipality,” he said.

He also tabled a report that included the following statistics:

• Informal Settlement Dwellings decreased with 23.9% from 7 414 in 2011 to 7 129 in 2016.
• More than R29-mil is allocated for the Municipal Infrastructure Grant and Water Services Infrastructure Grant.
• R30-mil is allocated for the rehabilitation of a portion of the Rooikoppen sewer network and related bulk sewer reticulation infrastructure.
• R8-mil is allocated for electrification of 500 RDP houses in Ext 8.
• About R1-mil is allocated for re-graveling of a portion of the roads in Sakhile (Rooikoppen).
• The unemployment rate is 19.2%, youth employment rate 34 % and the municipal unemployment level stands at 30%.
• Altogether 4 190 title deeds have been issued to rightful owners since 2012.
• The construction of another 500 housing units has begun and 140 houses have already been built.
• The TB client treatment success rate stands at 80% and the success rate of Aids prevention of mother to child transmission at 100%.
• The HIV prevalence of 35% since 2013 shows that Lekwa is still among the highest in the Gert Sibande District,
• Condom distribution increased from 22 990 for females in 2016 to 28 500 in 2017 and for their male counterparts from 54 960 in 2016 to 373 930 in 2017.
• The Standerton Hospital, Mispel Clinic, MS Msimango Clinic and Sakhile Clinic are currently being renovated, funded by a grant from the provincial Department of Health.
• R450 000 had been allocated for youth development.
• The total operating revenue for the 2017/2018 financial period has been appropriated at R679-mil and revenue has grown by 60.90% as compared to the 2013/2014 financial year.
• The expenditure for the 2017/2018 financial period has been appropriated at R921-mil with a deficit of R242-mil.
Mr Dlamini urged the Lekwa Economic Development Forum to help in overcoming these challenges and act as an advisory to solve issues such as poverty, inequality and unemployment.
He also proposed the building of a boarding school in the sub-Standerton district and mentioned a matric pass rate of 92,4% that was achieved in 2016.
Opposition parties did not mince their words about the budget.
Mr Rosier de Ville, caucus leader of the DA, said more should be put into resolving the electricity crisis.




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