EXCLUSIVE ONLINE: Body of murdered woman found in Sakhile

The late Ms Londiwe Masuku. Photo: Supplied

The body of a woman was discovered in Sakhile on the morning of 27 August.

A police officer while patrolling at about 4am, noticed what looked like a body, when he got closer, his suspicion was confirmed.

According to Const Duduzile Zwane, communications officer of the Sakhile Police, the woman died as result of a stab wound to her upper chest.

The 37-year-old woman has been identified as Ms Londiwe Viola Masuku.

She was the fifth of six siblings.

According to police, they suspect an intentional murder, as none of her belongings were taken such as a cell phone and wallet.

The family are praying for swift justice.

“We are trying to make sense of it all, asking ourselves so many questions, why her and why in this manner?” Mr Lunga Masuku said.

According to Mr Masuku, the family is taking it very hard.

According to her sister and grandmother, they last saw Ms Masuku on 26 August at 4.30pm when her friend came to fetch her, but they did not say where they were headed.

Ms Londiwe Masuku called her sister later that evening at 10.10pm, but they did not speak much.

When the family called her back, she said she was with a friend, known to the family.

Mr Lunga Masuku received a call the next morning to come to the crime scene.

When they got there, the dreaded reality came true, it was his sister.

The family described the Ms Masuku as tomboyish with a very lively personality.

The Sakhile Police have opened a case of murder.

Anyone with information can contact Sgt Bheki Mpila at 017 714 7888.

Dumisani Zwane

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