Sakhile police officer under scrutiny after altercation

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A man claimed he was assaulted by a police officer from the Sakhile Police on 5 September.

The circumstances involved an accident in Sakhile coupled with alleged questionable police conduct.

His eight-months-pregnant wife was driving in Mahala Park when she was rear-ended by another driver.

The other driver allegedly promised to pay for the damages, amounting to R15 000 and when he went back on his promise, the couple opted on 4 September to seek assistance from the police.

A W/O allegedly directed him to a constable for assistance.

The couple then drove with the constable to the man in question and were allegedly thrown with stones and boiling water.

According to him, the officer was not impartial to the point of telling the driver not to pay for the damages and he went back to the station.

An altercation apparently ensued between the man and the officer at the station.

He alleged the constable physically pushed him and his wife out of the station.

According to him, he told the policeman since he is an officer of the law, he was supposed to help them, not treat them badly.

The officer allegedly continued to chase them out, even using vulgar language.



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Dumisani Zwane

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