Editor’s note

EDITOR’S DESK: Focus on the positives

Let’s build and not break down, let’s motivate and not discourage and above all let’s focus on the positive even though we don’t overlook the negative.

Lekwa and Eskom relationship is over

If Eskom and Lekwa had any relationship prior to this judgement, surely now their Facebook relationship statuses would read ‘It’s complicated’.

’Tis the season

We march to the tune of Boney M’s Little Drummer Boy, hypnotically luring us into every shop, where we fill our trolleys to tipping point.

Ramadan begins

It also presents the opportunity to self-reflect and to practice self-control while cleansing the body and mind.

Hou goeie moed

Die kokende koffie word in my keel afgegooi en ek storm met derdegraadse brandwonde op my tong die dag binne.

Water is a fundamental human right

Standerton is not facing another daily problem, Standerton is the epicentre of a water crisis without relief in sight.